Term 3 Yoga

Term 3 Yoga begins next week - Yay! All general classes at the regular times. Silent Space Free Meditation group has moved to Mondays 2-3pm. I'm looking forward to sharing some delicious winter practice.  

Yin Yoga

Commencing Tuesday July 17. Yin Yoga is a slower paced style designed to soothe and nurture. Postures are held longer resulting in increased range of motion. Yin is a meditative approach to yoga cultivating an awareness of inner silence and unity. Props are used to support the body, develop breath awareness and explore mindfulness meditation.

Autumn Workshop

Sunday March 4  9am - 12noon. Embracing the winds of change this 3 hour Autumn workshop will use Yin and Yang yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation. A delicious way to turn inward and find stillness. Bookings required.

Term 3 Yoga

All yoga classes begin this week for a nurturing  winter practice. The Forge is toasty and I have a special term 3 treat with warm heat packs for relaxation.

Winter Workshop

Sunday June 18  9am - 12noon. This workshop will warm you from the inside.  A time for introspection and hibernation we will delve deeply into maintaining our immune system and igniting digestive fire. Using the balancing principles of Yin and Yang Yoga, Pranayama, extended relaxation and meditation we will explore turning inward and finding stillness.

Mindfulness Meditation

6 week course starting Thursday April 27. This gentle introduction to mindfulness, is suitable for absolute beginners or students refreshing their practice. A great way for those with limited mobility to experience the benefits of meditation; chairs available. If you are already meditating come along to the Silent Space for free meditation on Tuesdays at … Continue reading Mindfulness Meditation