Lockdown Zoom Classes Continue

This week in class we are giving our attention to appreciating our physical and mental body for it’s ability to move us through the challenges and joys of life. As the lockdown extends you may find a feeling of worry or instability comes up for you, and a yoga practice becomes even more useful in holding you stable.

If you find the zoom is too long or not at the right time for you please remember you can leave early or attend any of the classes as often as you can. You can have video off if you prefer and all householders are welcome. It has been a joy for me this week to see so many children and teenagers joining in.

If none of the times currently work for you there is also a recorded full length class on my website to use at any time. Perhaps early morning or late evening when other householders are sleeping!

All 6 studio classes are also continuing on zoom for duration of lockdown. Anyone booked for the term can attend all classes. Links on timetable page of website.

Casual attendance welcome $22 per week for unlimited classes.

As we come under the banner of gyms the studio may not reopen for some time. Hopefully the zoom classes will hold you in your beautiful bodies until we can meet again in person. Huge gratitude for all those who have sent me messages of support, attended classes and kept Yoga Living viable. As soon as we can return I will let you know.

With love,