Pop Up Classes!

Dear Yoga Living students

Next Saturday morning I was planning to fly to the Byron Bay hinterland for a 5 day meditation teacher training retreat with the wonderful Paul Bedson. Like many of our plans this year we are unable to attend! Instead of pausing all 5 classes which was planned I’m offering 3 pop up casual classes  for anyone interested. 

Here’s the plan

Saturday August 21 No class

Monday August 23   9.30 – 11am Casual booking required

Monday August 23  7pm No class

Tuesday August 24  9.30 – 11 am  Casual booking required

Thursday August 25  9.30 – 11 am  Casual booking required

These 3 classes require booking as only 10 students can be accommodated.
cash at class please
Bookings must be made for all spaces even if you usually have that class. 
In the case of lockdown these classes will not be provided on zoom.

First 10 students to reply to this email for each class will get places.

All other classes for the term continue normally and will be moved to zoom in the case of lockdown.

I look forward to sharing with you as we transition into Spring.

Let me know if you have any questions

With love