Eliza discovered yoga through her love of the outdoors and a background in dance and martial arts. She began teaching Iyengar Yoga in 1998 after many years of personal practice and discovery. She has studied with Peter Scott, Murray Lazenby and Donna Farhi. She completed a Diploma of Classical Yoga at the Australian College of Classical Yoga. Eliza has trained in Yin Yoga with Markus Giess and Karin Sang: students of Paul Grilley.

Several extended silent meditation retreats, including formal studies with Paul Bedson, from The Ian Gawler Cancer Foundation, inspired her to further explore and teach mindfulness meditation.

Having taught classes in Melbourne and Castlemaine her classes are influenced by the Iyengar and Classical traditions with a strong focus on breath.

Her yoga philosophy studies include regular engagement with Swamini Vinayananda with a focus on the comprehensive reading and understanding of the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient yoga text.

Eliza is passionate about yoga as a total living practice and means of developing conscious living. She believes that yoga is a part of daily life and practises this philosophy by incorporating the ethical principles of yoga and daily Karma Yoga practice in many aspects of life, including; family, garden, diet, friendships and travel.

She has a strong affinity with the Ayurvedic principles of seasonal changes to both physical practice, food and lifestyle.

Eliza regularly donates her time to spreading the benefits of yoga in community with free classes on International Yoga Day, Mental Health & Wellness week, the Silent Space free weekly meditation sessions, well-being days at local primary and secondary schools, and many more.

She lives with her partner and three children in the inspiring Castlemaine community.