Yay! Returning to studio but with limited numbers

With great pleasure I can announce we will return to the studio on Thursday morning for all classes at a limit of 10 students. Thank you once again to all those who have shared zoom classes and continued to keep in touch.

Zoom classes are not the comfort zone for many students who prefer the energy and support of the group or the quiet seclusion of studio. I really appreciate your understanding that classes could not continue long term without this resource, Harry and I have also loved seeing you each day! 

As we are returning with slightly reduced numbers this again poses a little challenge.12 students are booked into each class however rarely do more than 10 attend due to illness/holidays/work etc. If more than 10 students are planning to attend I will need to cap numbers and offer a make up class when larger numbers can return or refund as we did last term.

Please read carefully

  • If you are unable to attend your class let me know as soon as possible
  • If more than 10 students are planning to attend I will text a request just to that class asking for volunteers to move to a later vacant space
  • If I don’t have volunteers I will choose someone to move/refund and let them know

This is far from a perfect system but the only one I have!

Last term there were almost always enough students unable to attend and very little movement was required.

Thank you in advance for your patience once again as we navigate a very welcome but bumpy reopening.

Let me know if you have any questions

With love