Dear Yoga Living Students

Due to recent developments with the COVID – 19 virus we have decided to finish yoga classes this Friday, March 20. This is a very challenging decision as I know Yoga and Meditation form the basis of many students physical and mental health practice. Hopefully as we all move into restricted contact this week we can flatten the curve and avoid overly taxing the heath system.

I encourage all students to maintain a personal practice using on line yoga classes or just adding postures to their day according to how they feel. Meditation is also vital at this point not only for our own mental health but to raise the positive vibrations for everyone. I may offer some on line support to students but there is so much already available so please dip in immediately.

Students who have booked into the Autumn Workshop on Sunday can choose to receive a full refund by sending me their bank details or move their payment to the next Workshop. Please let me know.

We have a wonderful opportunity now for personal reflection and to express our compassion to others. I encourage you to enjoy some alone time and help out where you can.

If you have any further questions please let me know.

With love