Lockdown Zoom Classes

Once again we are required to dig deep into our Yoga practice; using our resilience and flexibility to set up our lives for a short (hopefully!) lockdown. All classes will now move onto zoom at the same times until restrictions end. All links are on the timetable page of my website

On zoom you’re welcome to have video on or off depending on how you feel and your internet connection. Please arrive to classes on time so I can let you in but you’re welcome to leave early if you need to.

To make the transition a little sweeter anyone who is booked into a regular class can attended as many zoom classes as they choose for the whole lockdown. For those with the time and space it could be the perfect opportunity to make a little personal Yoga retreat at home including daily practice and extra rest. It may be a great opportunity to make up any missed classes also.

If you’re not booked into a regular class but would like to attend casually you can come along to as many zoom classes as you can for $22 per week.

Also remember all those in your household are welcome including children and pets. My pup Harry will probably be enjoying classes with us!

I hope the week travels as smoothly as possible for you all and thank you for your continued support to keep Yoga classes viable. Let me know if you have any questions.